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Институт Нейро-лингвистического программирования был внесен в реестр ресурсов Международного Сообщества НЛП, в чем можно убедиться непосредственно здесь http://www.nlptrainers.com/search/instsearch.php
Выберите в поле step 1 слово country, а в поле step 2 введите Russia и убедитесь.

Обращение Международного Сообщества НЛП

The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is set up for the purpose of exerting quality control over those training programs, services and materials claiming to represent the model of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The seal below indicates Society Certification and is usually advertised by Society approved centers. When you purchase NLP products and seminars, ask to see this seal. This is your guarantee of quality.

It is common experience for many people when they are introduced to NLPT and first begin to learn the technology, to be cautious and concerned with the possible uses and misuses.

As a protection for you and for those around you, the Society of NLPT now requires participants to sign a licensing agreement which guarantees that those certified in this technology will use it with the highest integrity. It is also a way to insure that all the trainings you attend are of the highest quality and that your trainers are updated and current with the constant evolution of the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Design Human Engineering.

Richard Bandler